We are an Globian non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change all over the world.

Our Mission

The CharityPress community was named a “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist” by Barron’s. We beat Oprah. And, Mashable named CharityPress something like that.

Our Vission

The Globian Fund for Charities seeks positive change around the world through support of non-profit organizations dedicated to social, cultural.

Our Values

Patient Forms

Please download and fill all the required forms below before your first visit.
Once filled you can email, fax or bring in the forms with you to your first appointment.

Appointment Policy

Initial Evaluations (Evaluaciones iniciales)

Due to extreme demand and our growing waitlist of children in need of services, all Initial Evaluation appointments must be confirmed at least 24 hours before the date and time of the appointment. You will receive several calls for appointment confirmation from our staff. If you do not confirm your child’s appointment, it will be cancelled and given to the next child on the list.

Our Core Values

Trusted by the biggest brand.

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