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Our Mission

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Our Vission

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Our Values

TheraYouth Foundation

TheraYouth is founded on a belief that all children deserve a healthy, strong and bright future regardless of their socio-economic status or ethnic background. Due to limited third party reimbursement(Medicaid and health insurances) many pediatric clinics seek reimbursement through direct, private payment methods. As a result, families who cannot afford to pay high, out of pocket rates end up without much necessary healthcare services for their children.
TheraYouth is a nonprofit (with 501c3 status) organization looking to provide comprehensive pediatric therapy for families, in its home state of New Jersey at a substantially reduced cost. Upon setting its roots locally, TheraYouth is looking to expand its reach nationally. Supportive healthcare services should be available to all children!

Our Founder

Irina Marcoff DPT, is the founder and board president of TheraYouth Foundation. Dr. Marcoff started her career as a pediatric physical therapist in the New York City Department of Education. There, she provided physical therapy services for students in underserved communities. She worked with children who suffered from various congenital and acquired disabilities. Dr. Marcoff possesses the knowledge and the understanding of the struggles that the families in low socio-economic communities experience. She is aware of the challenges these families face in accessing the care their kids so desperately need. Dr. Marcoff went above and beyond to offer support to these families, but was also restricted by the system. School based therapy is not designed to address the medical needs that the children in her care needed most.

For the past nine years, Dr. Marcoff has been living in New Jersey. Here, she continues to witness the growing gap in access to therapeutic care between the families of various communities. In 2021, she founded TheraYouth Foundation, with the hope of  diminishing this inequity by providing pediatric therapy services to families in low income and racially diverse communities.

Our Core Values

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Irina Marcoff, DPT

Physical Therapist

Stephanie Caputo, SLT

Speech Therapist

Manshi Patel, OT

Occupational Therapist

Erin Skotarczak, OT

Occupational Therapist

Nicole O.

Front Desk

Svetlana K.

Office Manager

DhulFiQaar Wadley

Meet Our Board of Directors

Dr. Irina Marcoff, DPT

Founder & President

Svetlana Kozlova

Vice President

DhulFiQaar Wadley


Margery Ostrow


Lucy Schwartzman


Larisa Henriquez


Board of Advisors

Mila Teshler

Clininal Director of Occupational Therapy Services

Cheryl Eggert


Hugo X. Carvajal


Jaslynn Vesuvio



Michelle Higgins


Kathleen Miller


Valerie Waterman


Robert Schroeder


Rona & Robyn Brown


Karen McLaughlin

Volunteer / Grant Writer

Will Asia


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